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What is Tuckpointing and is it Necessary?

When the brickwork (masonry) of your home is cracked, bricks and mortar are coming out, tuckpointing is necessary to repair. It keeps the chimney and/or walls stable by filling in cracks and holes. It also keeps cold air out and keeps water from getting in which can weaken the wall.

Tuckpointing is done by filling in the gaps with mortar and replacing the broken, crumbled bricks. The contractor will coordinate the new mortar’s color to match the existing brick. The completed process creates the impression of fine joints.

As such, tuckpointing is done for both aesthetic and structural reasons. Tuckpointing is a phrase that is interchangeable with brick pointing or repointing.

Tuckpointing is Nothing New

The technique of tuckpoint was discovered at the end of the 1700’s in England. At the time, the purpose was to imitate brickwork by using oversized rubbed bricks. They would be precision cut to a specific size once the firing process was finished. Then a fine white mortar of pipe clay or putty was put where there were open joints.

It is said that tuckpointing was done by manual tools like chisels, trowels, and wire brushes. Today’s Mason will use faulty abrasive disks and wet cutting diamond blades which provide a better precision cut and increases the durability of the wall.

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