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What Benefits are There to Tuckpointing?

When the mortar around brickwork is worn away and crumbling, tuckpointing is a maintenance procedure commonly used to repair it. This is frequently done in historical buildings and old homes that are made of brick or brick chimneys. The older the structure, the less advanced the material and techniques were in building the structure and the more prone they are for this problem.

Tuckpointing will reinforce the structure by sealing up the area and keeping the weather elements out, as well as insects. These are the most obvious benefits of tuckpointing. What may look simple like a minor opening, small holes, or settling cracks can instead create a movement of the bricks and set the scene for total wall failure if left unaddressed.

It is also for aesthetics, as well. Nothing looks as bad as a beautiful brick home or historic structure with crooked bricks and missing mortar. It can lower the value of the property in addition to being unsafe in certain areas, such as the sides of a porch or a chimney crumbling. When a brick home has been completely restored, the immediate impression that major repairs are needed is eliminated. However, you should not expect to get a 100% ROI with tuckpointing, but it can make a significant difference.

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